What slows down the buying or selling of a home? A guide by our conveyancing solicitors


Whether you are buying your third house or buying your first flat, it can be tricky to know which stages of the process are going to take the longest and which ones you can speed up with the right legal help.

You will be happy to know that with a professional’s help, the buying or selling of a property can not only go quicker, but also be a lot smoother too. So, if you are looking for a bit of advice relating to conveyancing, why not contact our team at Andrew and Andrew?

At Andrew and Andrew, our conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth have been helping people to buy and sell their homes for decades, and so, we have the knowledge and expertise to make any home related purchase or sale as plain sailing as possible for you, which is good news!

But what are some of the lengthier stages of buying and selling a home that you should be aware of? Our conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth offer the following guide.

Longest steps in conveyancing – selling

When you are selling a property, our conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth estimate that 2 steps can really slow the process down.

The first is the draft contract, which can take 2 weeks and is linked to property forms and requires the location of numerous documents. As you can guess, if you fail to have your information and documents in order, this can delay everything further.

The second is the obtaining of the leasehold management information if it is necessary, which can, due to bureaucratic issues, take up to 6 weeks to obtain.

Longest steps in conveyancing – buying

With the buying process, there is an average of 3 lengthy periods which can delay you moving into your new home.

The first is the mortgage approval, which can take 6 weeks if all the paperwork is in order (longer if it isn’t).

The second is the property survey which your solicitor will conduct and the third step is the searches, which involve your solicitor working with local authorities to ensure the house is up to code. And this process can be lengthy and require some real digging, especially if the house is older.

How we can help buyers

When you come to Andrew and Andrew, we can help speed up your buying of a home.

We can apply for searches and property surveys to go ahead as soon as you set your heart on a home to buy. We can also help with mortgages, by applying to your lender for a ‘decision in principle’ (or DIP) to speed things up.

How we can help sellers

When selling, we can help by assisting in the completion of forms and by applying to the leasehold management, if needed, for the required information as soon as you have a potential buyer lined up. If you contact us at the beginning of the process, we can even help with the vetting of potential buyers.

So, call our team for more information about how we can help with your conveyancing today!