There are many reasons why you may need and benefit from our family solicitors Emsworth, and we want you to know that no matter what situation you’re dealing with, we can help. Here at Andrew & Andrew, we understand that family law matters are sensitive and require delicate handling. That’s why we believe ourselves to be the best set of professionals to help you through a challenging time. When you’re settling a dispute involving your family, we understand how important it is that all parties leave discussions on amicable terms. If there are children involved, too, this is even more of a reason to handle the situation in the friendliest way, keeping their best interests at heart.

In this short article, our family solicitors Emsworth will talk you through all the ways we can help and the kind of situations we’re best suited for.

The circumstances

As mentioned previously, our family solicitors Emsworth can help provide legal representation, knowledge and advice across a large list of varying circumstances. These can include children, divorce, financial arrangements, agreements before marriage, unmarried partnerships, civil partnerships, cohabitation and even relationship planning. If you’re unsure as to whether or not your situation falls under one of these categories or is even best followed through by our family law team, you can always reach out to us for some advice. We’re happy to point you in the right direction, no matter what the problem you’re dealing with.


When children are involved, it is of the utmost importance to keep things amicable, private and to work fast. You may be someone who is having trouble seeing their children after a separation, or a concerned grandparent with no contact. If you’re planning to leave your spouse and there are children involved in the relationship, we understand how much more stress this can put on you as an individual. You only want what is best for them. That is why we can advise you to the best of our knowledge and get you into the strongest and most favourable position before you move forward. Some of the results that may be granted from these disputes include child arrangement orders, specific issue orders and applications for parental responsibility.


If you’re living with a person, but not married, you might believe that you will be awarded the same rights as a married couple if the relationship begins to fail. Sadly, this is not the truth. Before purchasing a property with your partner, we advise that you seek legal advice and discuss all the groundwork with them. When both parties are on the same page, things tend to move much quicker and smoother. If you decide against a written agreement, then in the event that the relationship does break down, the property will be split down the middle in equal shares. This can be somewhat frustrating if both parties do not have equal input. In this situation, you must contact us immediately to ensure the most favourable outcome. We will always advise that you seek legal advice from ourselves when entering into any agreements where money and especially children are involved.