As a parent, you know your job is never quite complete, your children may still be little, or they may be grown up with children of their own, either way you’ll still be planning for their future for many years to come. Part of this planning with no doubt include writing your will. By working with a trusted probate solicitors in Portsmouth, with a proven track record of providing professional services to private clients, you can safeguard your children’s inheritance and ensure that whilst they are grieving, they still have your guidance by having a will in place to support them.

Extensive experience that you can rely on

You can find many DIY wills online that look good; however, when it comes to dividing the wealth you have worked so hard to attain, it is much better to choose an experienced solicitor. As your probate solicitors in Portsmouth, Andrew and Andrew Solicitors can help you plan your will. With over 60 years of experience in providing services for private clients, including wills, estate planning and probate, we can guide you to make sound choices and ensure it is legal and executable.

When drawing up a will, there are many options you will need to consider including:

Who will be your executors

Executors are responsible for adminstering your estate, following the instructions in your will. It can be a demanding role, especially if they are expected to handle large sums of money. It is worth talking to your executors first and making sure they are happy to take the role on.

Appointment of guardians

If you do have young children, it is advisable to ensure guardianship of your children is spelled out in the will should anything happen to you or your partner. This is especially important if you are not married or you are a step-parent.

Responsible trustees

If you are leaving money to younger members of your family, whether your children or grandchildren, you will need to appoint trustees until they reach the appointed age for inheritance.

By appointing a professional, experienced probate solicitors in Portsmouth, you not only ensure your families future you also make sure they have your guidance when they need it the most.