We all know the stress that losing a loved one can bring, and the last thing that you want to be doing is trying to navigate the complexities of the legal requirements and processes involved. We at Andrew & Andrew have been providing legal services for more than 60 years, and as experienced probate solicitors Portsmouth, we can help you by handling everything for you. This will leave you with the valuable time you need to be with your family. We have an experienced team that regularly handles estate administration. We will provide you with a private client team that will give you all the support and help required as they guide you through the process.

Smoothing out the whole legal process

Our first task is always to handle the matters relating to the estate in a sensitive and caring manner. In certain circumstances, an estate can be attended to quickly and with little or no work. However, in most cases, a grant of representation needs to be applied for by the personal representative of the estate. The process can be convoluted and stressful as the documents required to wind up the estate start to mount up, depending on the complexity of the estate. Our probate solicitors Portsmouth have the resources and experience to draw on to cope with any unforeseen eventuality.

What is involved?

We will attend to the registration of the death and make the funeral arrangements on your behalf. Our team of probate solicitors Portsmouth will notify the government and check to see whether you are entitled to any bereavement benefits. If a will has been drawn up, we will need to hold this document to ensure that the distribution of any assets is in accordance with the will.

All financial assets, debts and liabilities will have to be investigated to establish whether there were any jointly owned properties, assets or bank accounts. A notice will need to be placed in the government gazette to allow any creditors to make a claim against the estate. All outstanding taxes and inheritance taxes will need to be paid.

Once all debts have been settled, we will value the estate and prepare the estate accounts. The assets will then be distributed to the beneficiaries in accordance with the will. If there is no will, this is referred to as Rules of Intestacy, and the state will decide on how the remaining assets are distributed. Normally only a married spouse or civil partner and the deceased’s children can benefit. If the estate is valued at over £270,000, the spouse or civil partner will inherit all personal property, including belongings and the first £270,000 of the estate. They will also inherit a further half of the remaining estate over £270,000. If there are no children, the spouse or civil partner will inherit the entire estate. If all relatives predeceased the person who has died, then all the assets of the estate pass to the crown, and this is referred to as bona vacantia.

Winding up an estate, leave it to us

If you were to handle the winding up of the estate on your own and you were to get it wrong, you could find yourself out of pocket. Our team at Andrew & Andrew are on hand to ensure that if you are a beneficiary of the estate, you enjoy the proceeds without any concerns.