You may find yourself in need of solicitors Portsmouth and may be unsure of which legal practice has the right services for you. Andrew & Andrew have been offering their clients the best legal advice possible since 1954.

With a 66 year history, we can reassure you that Andrew & Andrew solicitors Portsmouth are more than capable of helping you navigate your way through any legal situation. We will also keep your end goals in mind, in the hope of gaining the best results for you.

We will always seek to give you accurate advice, making it clear to understand, as well as being based on our honest understanding of the law. We also seek to keep you completely up to date with any developments around any matter you may wish us to act on for you.

Having worked hard to develop a strong reputation for recognising the individual needs of each client, we can say we have gained an understanding of the diverse range of clients that we represent. We have represented charities, schools, and other professional organisations, alongside private individuals, in most areas of the United Kingdom.

Andrew & Andrew are proud of the presence we have acquired throughout our history of offering legal services.  We genuinely believe we are one of the strongest solicitors Portsmouth. We will always aim to offer a service of the highest standard, whilst maintaining compassion and paying attention to each client’s needs.

A small selection of civil legal services provided by Andrew & Andrew

Person injury

We can help clients claim any compensation they may be entitled to following an accident leading to injury in the previous three years. If you were injured at work, out in public or in a car accident we are certain our specialised team of our solicitors will be able to provide you with the correct advice.

Andrew & Andrew will allow you to instruct us to act on your behalf under the terms of ‘no win, no fee’, this will minimise any concerns about fees you may have when deciding to start to pursue a claim for injury compensation.


Andrew & Andrew understand the need to find good legal advice, you can trust, at times of high stress in your life. Buying or selling a house is one of the most stressful activities anyone can take part in. We have a team with years of experience in the field of conveyancing.

Why not allow us to take the stress associated with house sales away from you? We aim to make buying or selling a house as painless as possible for you, allowing you to spend more time planning your new home.

Civil litigation

We can provide you with all the necessary skills and advice should you find yourself in a civil dispute with an individual or a company. Litigation law gives our clients, alongside ourselves, a set of guidelines and tools that can be called upon when making and defending a case.

Find out more

We offer other kinds of civil legal services and invite you to contact us to find out more. Our team is always willing to listen, we will offer you the best advice we can where possible. We want to help gain the best possible results in any case you may instruct us upon.