Losing someone is never easy and this loss stays with us long after any loved one has passed away. Looking after the legal affairs of anyone who has become deceased can sometimes keep providing you with a constant reminder of their loss, this may lead to a prolonged grieving process which may not be healthy.

Andrew & Andrew are specialist probate solicitors Portsmouth, we are here to help guide you through this challenging time in your life.

We understand that you may be struggling to understand the legal processes. You may be asking yourself a lot of questions about a legal term you may never have heard before, ‘probate’. You may be finding understanding probate difficult and confusing.

As one of the leading probate solicitors Portsmouth, we can help you clearly understand the probate process and why it is needed before the dividing up of the estate of anyone who has died. We asked you to keep in mind that probate is not always needed, we recommend you seek legal advice before making any final decisions about any estate belonging to anyone who has died.

What is probate?

Probate put simply, is the legal process of applying for the right to deal with someone’s possessions, property, and money after they have died.  Where the deceased has left a will, you will be given a ‘grant of probate’.

If no will can be located, meaning the deceased did not leave a will, you will be given ‘letters of administration’.

You may not need probate

You may not need probate if the person who has passed away only had savings or premium bonds. This may also apply in cases where the deceased jointly owned assets and the other joint owners are still alive.

In cases where joint ownership is with an organisation, for example, a mortgage on a property held by a bank. You will need to contact each organisation separately to see if you will need probate to access the assets of the deceased. We ask you to remember each organisation may have their own rules when it comes to probate.

Your next step

We understand that you may find that you may be struggling to understand what is required for the probate process, you may feel a little out of your depth when trying to deal with legal matters. The thought of dealing with a complex and lengthy legal case may make you feel intimidated, yet you feel the strong need to carry out your legal obligations on the behalf of the deceased.

Andrew & Andrew’s team of probate solicitors Portsmouth is here to help you. In our 66 years of practising law, we have helped lots of people work their way through the probate process, always treating them with understanding and compassion.

We want you to be able to go through your grieving without the added stress of legal and financial matters weighing down on you. Let Andrew & Andrew take on any probate matters you are involved with, thus taking away legal complexities that you find stressful at this time of great loss.