If you are currently in the market for a house, you are probably wondering whether you can handle this on your own or if it is a better idea to trust a conveyancing solicitor. The short answer is yes. Conveyancing is not a simple legal procedure and having someone by your side to guide you and help you avoid common mistakes is really important.

Andrew & Andrew, your conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth, provide swift, resourceful and inexpensive legal solutions for all your conveyancing needs and the legal processes involved with property transfer.

Difference between solicitors and conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth

Our conveyancing solicitors are highly trained property lawyers, specialising in residential and commercial conveyancing work. Not only are they sufficiently trained and experienced in this area of law, but they also ensure that communication with the client is always excellent.

How to choose an effective conveyancing solicitor

When choosing conveyancing solicitors to act on your behalf to buy a house, you need to consider cost and service. The reputation and experience of the legal practice should be established by reliable criteria. Andrew & Andrew conveyancing solicitors in London will ensure you will receive the best possible guidance. Buying a property can be a very stressful experience.

How does conveyancing work?

Once your offer is accepted, the estate agent sends information to your conveyancing solicitor. Your conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth will carry out searches for you and your mortgage lender. A specialist surveyor will conduct a building survey. Conveyancing solicitors help resolve any property-related legal issues highlighted by searches or surveys before contracts are exchanged.

At exchange, you enter into a binding agreement for the purchase and agree a completion date. Before exchange, you and the seller can change your minds about the purchase. After exchange there may be financial penalties if either party changes their minds.

At completion, your conveyancing solicitor will manage all the steps to finalise the purchase, including transferring funds to the seller. They will help you ensure other fees are finalised, stamp duty is paid and update the Land Registry to show that you are the owner and the mortgage provider is the lender. At this point you get the keys to your new home.