At Andrew & Andrew, we offer assistance to clients who are living with the consequences of medical negligence. It can be difficult to make the decision to pursue a case like this for many reasons. You might wonder if the medical profession is really at fault. It could feel like a lot to go through when there is no certainty about the outcome. It may even be traumatic to think about your circumstances. We understand all of these situations and more and we encourage you to contact us to talk things through with our solicitors in Portsmouth.

What if you are concerned about costs?

We offer a free consultation service so that you do not need to worry about costs when you first come to see us. The majority of cases are taken up on a no-win, no-fee basis so this continues to be true when you decide to go ahead and engage Andrew & Andrew as your solicitors in Portsmouth.

What if it is difficult to tell your story?

Our compassionate and experienced team are able to take you through the details of the case at your pace and gather the information that they need. They can help you find out how to access medical records and they know what kind of data you are entitled to.

Why is it important to make a claim?

If you are living with the consequence of medical negligence, it can affect your entire future. This is why it is important to pursue a case, even if you are not sure. We can offer advice on whether your claim is likely to be successful. There is a limit to how long you have to make a claim of medical negligence so the sooner you act, the better.

Any interaction with a healthcare provider that has left you worse off, in a way that could have been avoided, could be a case of medical negligence. At Andrew & Andrew, we deal with lots of types of medical negligence cases. Whether you have had a bad experience with a GP, been misdiagnosed, had bad cosmetic surgery or been the victim of a surgical error, we can help when acting as your solicitors in Portsmouth.