Care and support when you need it the most

Here at Andrew & Andrew, we understand that the passing of a loved one, and resolving the incurring financial and legal affairs is never easy and can be the last thing on a client’s mind when dealing with grief or loss. As a quality probate solicitors in Portsmouth, it is our duty of care to each of our clients to help ease this stress and relieve the pressure. For over 60 years we have been providing legal care and supporting our clients who are dealing with resolving the legal affairs and estates of those who have passed. In that time we have become well-versed in dealing with matters such as the administration of estates and providing support and care to the bereaved.

What can a probate solicitor in Portsmouth do for me?

If you are the personal representative of an estate, there are specific requirements which are placed upon you when someone has passed – such as obtaining a deed which is called a grant of representation. Ideally, an estate can be dealt with simply and without requiring grants. However, in the majority of instances, circumstances and the magnitude of the amount of paperwork require the aid of our probate solicitors in Portsmouth, to allow the client to focus on their bereavement and planning their affairs. When we take on a new case here at Andrew & Andrew, our probate solicitors in Portsmouth will establish if a grant will be required for each client, as well as collating all of the deceased’s financial affairs and assets by gathering all the relevant necessary documentation. Following this, our expert probate solicitors will then draw up the appropriate grants that are required and settle any debts which were left by the deceased, as well as resolving any tax related affairs.

Resolving a will

The final stage in resolving the legal affairs of the deceased involves the distribution of their estate which is in accordance with their will, or in accordance with intestacy rules in cases where the deceased has passed without leaving a will. We have been handling the resolution of the legal affairs of those who have passed for over 60 years now here at Andrew & Andrew, and within that time we have conducted ourselves by taking a personal approach to each individual client in a way which is sympathetic and sensitive to their emotions, whilst remaining entirely confidential and private throughout each stage of their affairs we have been involved in. Anyone who requires a family solicitor who they can trust to stand by their side and help them relieve the stresses of losing a loved one, ought to speak to one of our friendly and understanding solicitors here at Andrew & Andrew. By having an initial, no-fee conversation with one of our probate specialists here at Andrew & Andrew clients can instantly feel more at ease, knowing that they have set the appropriate wheels in motion to resolve all the relevant financial and legal matters in a smooth and simple way, allowing them to focus properly on their bereavement.