Conveyancing is a least thought of yet critical part of the process in buying a home. This part details the process that oversees the legal transfer of residential property from seller to the buyer and starts from when the prospective buyer puts forward an offer on the property they are interested in purchasing to the time when they receive the time when they receive the set of keys to the property.

It is only to be expected then that this process has the potential to become far from simple and which necessitates an industry professional to streamline and simplify the conveyancing process. Conveyancing solicitors Emsworth have the relevant training and industry qualifications to handle the conveyancing process on behalf of their clients. The typical duties of conveyancing solicitors Emsworth include: dealing with contracts, dealing with the Land Registry, transferring the funds to pay for the property in question and carrying out a local council search.

In addition to all of this, the conveyancing solicitors Emsworth at Andrew & Andrew can offer a value-add service that includes covering any advice needed on issues such as property transactions.

Reasons why it is best to hire a fully qualified conveyancing lawyer

Contractual agreements are almost never straightforward, particularly in the case of buying and selling property and avoiding any legal difficulties is one of the main benefits of hiring a solicitor expert in the field of conveyancing. Here are other ways their services can be of immense help:

Reliable legal advice on an array of issues

There are many intricacies in buying a property that can benefit from informed choices and the legal advice of a practicing law professional, one of which are the different costs incurred in the transfer of home ownership: stamp duty.

Legal exchange of contracts

The last thing any prospective homeowner would want is to get caught out and lose out on their dream home. A conveyancing lawyer will ensure that contracts are legally sound and binding.

A personal touch

At Andrew & Andrew, we make it a point to offer a personalised conveyancing service to our clients. To this end, we have access to an extensive network of industry contacts and we keep a vigilant eye out for any developing problems and take any steps to sort them out as quickly as possible.

Quick access to a wealth of knowledge

Our expert conveyancing lawyers have not become the competent professionals overnight. No, they have spent many years in the industry acquiring their superior level of knowledge in the field of conveyancing and are happy to put this wealth of knowledge at the disposal of our clients.

When choosing the conveyancing lawyer to assist you, it is important to lookout for a few key qualities such as accreditation credentials in the industry, a specialist in this field and a solicitor who inspires confidence in their abilities to get the job done confidently. Clients will find that these critical factors will prove more pertinent than finding the cheapest services.

For more information on the conveyancing process or to engage the reliable services of a well-experienced solicitor, get in touch with us at Andrew & Andrew.