At Andrew & Andrew, as solicitors in Emsworth, we understand that finding the right law firm for your unique legal case can be an extremely difficult decision, and should therefore not be taken lightly. Our law firm has been practising law for over sixty years, we believe this exemplifies the impeccable standard of legal service we provide, and something we therefore choose to be proud of! Despite our impressive reputation within the local and surrounding areas we are a grounded firm, treating every legal case with the highest standard of care, therefore ensuring our clients achieve the outcome they desire.

What makes our family solicitors Emsworth unique?

At our firm based within Emsworth, our excellent and highly skilled team of legal professionals all possess the same shared passion for the high standard of legal care they provide to our clients. Just one example of our helpful policies is our ‘no win no fee’ service, this ensures our clients only pay for our legal services if we successfully win their case.

Get to know our family solicitors Emsworth

When choosing a law firm to receive legal intervention a client may base their decision on a multitude of factors, such as convenience, geographical location, or recommendations from close family members or friends, to name just a few common examples. Despite these factors however, client testimonials are becoming increasingly popular within the modern field of law, and are therefore considered invaluable by many individuals.

A legal service you can trust

Located on our modern legal website our team displays a wide variety of previous client testimonials regarding our legal services, these can be vital for many of our potential clients when researching our firm. Just one example of our positive previous client reviews states that our team possesses a wealth of experience and professionalism, and in addition our team were able to lift the client’s financial burden and give attentive legal assistance throughout the entire legal process.

Are our legal services right for you?

Many of our clients may be finding it hard to work their way around the modern field of family law, especially those individuals who have never had to seek the legal intervention of a family lawyer previously. If you are finding the entire process difficult then why not get in touch with a member of our Andrew & Andrew solicitor team now?

How to get in touch with one of our lawyers

Located on our website we display a wide array of contact details for our clients, one example of which is our direct telephone number. Despite offering many direct contact options for our clients, such as our telephone number and our email address, many of our busier individuals may prefer to contact us via our website.

A modern alternative that ensures even our busiest clients receive the legal intervention they need

In the modern world many of our clients may possess hectic work and social lives, they may therefore experience difficulty when trying to find the time to get in touch with our legal firm. If this is the case for you then why not request a call back? Our team of legal specialists can call you at a time that suits you, and therefore work for your unique set of circumstances.