Many people don’t realise just how much paperwork is involved when someone dies. It’s a lot of work, and if you’re grieving and busy sorting out the personal effects of the deceased, the last thing you want to be doing is wading through piles of paperwork. That’s why it makes sense to come to our probate solicitors in Portsmouth and let us help you.

It’s more likely than not that you will need to apply for a grant of representation before you can deal with dividing the estate among the beneficiaries. If you make an appointment with our probate solicitors in Portsmouth at the start, we can guide you through all the necessary processes. It is important to ensure all matters are covered and this can often be quite complex. It can make things much easier for you if you know you can rely on a professional and caring solicitor acting on your behalf. At Andrew & Andrew, we have over 70 years’ experience in dealing with probate and all the connected processes.

Debts, liabilities and tax

Our experienced probate solicitors in Portsmouth will also assist with the often complex task of dealing with any outstanding debts and liabilities, and calculating inheritance tax. Inheritance tax can be a very complex subject and changes often, so you may find that with our help and knowledge, you don’t have to pay as much tax as you expected.

Will or intestacy

If the deceased left a valid will, it is usually fairly straightforward to divide the estate among the beneficiaries. However, there are cases where someone decides to contest a will. This is something our probate solicitors in Portsmouth can also help you through. If there is no will, then intestacy rules come into play. These rules can be quite complex and depend on surviving relatives.


It may be that you want to make things easier on your relatives when you die. You can talk to one of our probate solicitors in Portsmouth about reducing inheritance tax and ensuring you leave everything in a nicely organised manner to relieve some of the burden of dealing with your death when the time comes.