As a landlord, you have a lot of responsibility whether you have one or multiple properties. People rely on your for repairs and to answer enquiries 24 hours a day. If you become entangled in a dispute with tenants or have residents who are not sticking to the terms of their lease, this can be stressful. Fortunately, Andrew & Andrew are here to help. As your solicitors in Portsmouth, we act on your behalf, let you know what your legal position is and help you to resolve disputes quickly.

Whatever the circumstances, Andrew & Andrew solicitors in Portsmouth can help. Some of the common issues that we see are:

  • Non-payment of rent – clear communication with the tenant solves most non-payment issues. We can act on your behalf in these matters. Andrew & Andrew first contact your tenant by phone to check the situation. If you have not received payment after 14 days, we send a letter informing them of their outstanding rent and what happens if they do not pay within 7 days. Finally, if they still do not pay, we can send a final letter letting them know that, if they continue to withhold rent, legal action will be taken to gain possession of the property;
  • Subletting – as long as the tenancy agreement is clear that subletting is not permitted, you can take legal action against a tenant who has sublet your property. Andrew & Andrew start by contacting the official tenant to notify them that legal action will be taken if they continue subletting. If someone has taken a lodger then this usually does not count as subletting but talk to us about your situation if you are concerned and we can let you know;
  • Unable to meet ‘Right to Rent’ requirements – Right to Rent is a check that must be performed by all landlords on all tenants. It verifies that someone has the legal right to live in the UK. Checks must be performed at the beginning of a tenancy and then periodically throughout. If someone is unable to prove that they have the right to rent, we can talk you through what to do next and help you with the administration and legal aspects involved.