When the decision is made to buy or sell a property such as a house or flat, it is considered to be a very big financial decision. The long term commitment combined with the financial responsibility can be extremely stressful, especially when there are gaps in your understanding. That is why our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth like to bring their 60 years of knowledge and experience to your aid.

To begin with, you will be assigned your own individual conveyancing solicitor or executive who will remain with you throughout the entire process. This allows our solicitor to know all aspects of your situation and use our enthusiastic, proactive approach to deal with all parties involved. Communication is key during this period and therefore we will continue to communicate with all parties to ensure that the exchange of contracts is speedy. With our 60 years of experience in this field, our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth have a rapport with local estate agents and this ensures that any issues that may arise are dealt with quickly and resolved.

Why choose Andrew & Andrew as your solicitors?

At our practice, we only act to the highest standards and continue to set an excellent example within the world of residential conveyancing. Andrew & Andrew are proud to have been accredited and presented with membership to the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS). The Law Society recognises high standards and sets the quality mark. By choosing our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth you will be choosing a reliable, professional and friendly service.

To help us learn about your particular case we offer a free telephone consultation. This allows you, the client, to understand how we work and what we are like whilst we ascertain what your aims are.

Once you have chosen to work with us we will strive to understand your personal aims further. We understand that each individual case has specific requirements and timescales that they are working to, whether personal aims or set by outside influences. Our solicitors will therefore keep you thoroughly informed throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, dedicated and personal service to every single client, whilst remaining friendly and approachable. Our job is to see that your aims are met wherever possible and to keep you informed of any adjustments that may need to be made to these aims. We are here to work alongside you and are committed to you.

Can a conveyancing solicitor help with remortgaging a property?

Our conveyancing solicitors can act on your behalf for a variety of property arrangements. For example; it may be that you intend to carry out an extension on the property, but are in need of sufficient cash flow. This could therefore be a good time to remortgage your property. Or perhaps there is a need to transfer equity, or a lease extension is required. Our conveyancing solicitors can assist you with all of these processes and answer any questions that you may have. Whether simple or more complex we at Andrew & Andrew are happy to support you with any property concerns that you may encounter.