It is a question that many people have asked in the past and, unless you are trained as one or know one, you will probably not know the answer; what do solicitors actually do?

In the modern world, many people will need the advice or the assistance of a legal representative at one time or another, but due to the vagueness that surrounds these professionals, it is often hard to know exactly what you will need them for. How will employing a legal representative help you to sell your home for instance, or how will they help with familial disputes?

And of course, during a time when you and your family are grieving the passing of a loved one, the last thing you will want to do is hire a complete stranger to sort through the paperwork. However, employing a representative that specialises in probate will help you in more ways than you may realise following the death of a family member.

At Andrew & Andrew, our probate solicitors in Portsmouth will help you arrange the estate of your departed relative and will endeavour to take enormous stress away from you and your family at this difficult time. We will offer advice in relation to matters such as housing, non-financial assets and wills, while also remaining sensitive but professional.

But what else will our probate solicitors in Portsmouth do to help your family following the passing of a relative? Read on to find out.


When a loved one dies, there are many financial implications involving the cost of the funeral and memorials.

However, in relation to their estate, it can be a real challenge to sift through every bill or piece of paperwork to assess what money needs to be paid to whom in relation to debts and bills. Our probate solicitors in Portsmouth will be able to handle this task for you, so you can spend this difficult time with the ones you love as opposed to being surrounded by paperwork.


Some of the guaranteed things in life are taxes and, unsurprisingly, when someone passes away, there may be a fair amount of tax that needs paying.

If you are named as the executor of the estate, you are responsible for the correct payment of these taxes and so, to avoid any financial liability, you should contact our team at Andrew & Andrew to manage this task for you.

Saves time

It is estimated that the process of probate in the UK can take up to 100 hours to complete in full, provided that it is a straightforward case.

During this period of loss, this time could be better spent with family and friends and so, if you need a way to make time for others, hiring a member of our team could save you a great deal of wasted hours and unnecessary stress.


In instances where property or other assets have been left behind, a probate representative will liaise with other agencies on behalf of your family.