Finance discussions are frequently no more than a painful reminder for any couple that go through a divorce. Whether or not your finances were relatively independent from one another during your relationship with your partner in a marriage or civil partnership, you will need to get a formal financial settlement when you get a divorce. Usually, funds are split up the middle, but your family solicitors in Emsworth can defend your case, enlightening the court to factors of your relationship that may prompt them to see otherwise.

We would rather go through the process by non-confrontational means. We know that this is not always possible, but by arranging several appealing considerations for the other party to consider that can be in your benefit as well, we hope to make it apparent that everybody wins when the process is as fast and smooth as possible.

Family solicitors  in Emsworth can help you divide your marital assets in a way that is both professional and beneficial as possible. Discussing and dividing out money, property and the rights of your children can be an overwhelming task,  even more so when you do not know where to start or what your legal rights are.

If you are considering a divorce, you should keep in mind that in England and Wales, a divorce itself will not end the financial relationship between you and your partner. You need to get a financial settlement as well, which we offer as part of the process to avoid confusion.

You can get a court order, called a consent order, to separate assets and finances after a divorce. Financial settlement is a term used in court to describe the financial process within a divorce.

How long can this all take?

Unfortunately, it is not a fast or convenient process and can usually take half a year to complete. Any complications or disagreements can make the process take much longer.

Family solicitors in Emsworth can help you through every step of the way. If you are interested in understanding your rights before beginning the process of a divorce, come in to speak with us in a confidential and risk-free situation. We can listen to your situation and address your concerns quickly so that you can get everything you might need arranged before beginning the process.

Being ready can be advantageous to your case and the confidence that you can have with your preparedness is crucial in some aspects, such as your rights as a parent and how much you need to share financially.

We understand that not everybody is confident with their decision to divorce and that a lot of emotions can be running riot during this time. By gaining as much information as you can, you can make a more informed decision as to whether this life changing event is going to be financially and emotionally beneficial for you.

Your health and wellbeing is more important than anything, so keep this in mind as you work through making a change.