Whether you are looking to buy your first or 10th property, it is important that you hire a professional who is competent to help you.

Any brief internet search will no doubt highlight an array of different solicitors with experience in conveyancing, but how exactly do you determine which one is right for you? Do you base it on location? Price? Ratings?

Unlike many other professionals, hiring a solicitor can be done regardless of their location and while it is always tempting to choose the firm that offers the cheaper service, it is not always advisable. Cheaper services often equate to poorer services and as you are looking for a way to reduce your stress during this period, that is the last thing you want!

At Andrew & Andrew, our conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth are highly rated, highly motivated and highly experienced, to ensure that when you buy your property, you won’t be left with paperwork or meetings. Our ethos will allow you to focus on more important aspects, such as interior design, while our professional team completes paperwork and works on estimates. Perfect!

But what are some of the questions you should ask any conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth before committing to work with them? Read on to find out!

How much do you charge?

Straight to the point, you will be surprised how many people forget to ask conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth how much they charge for their services.

Again, while it is tempting to choose a ‘fixed-fee’ service or the lowest price, these are not advisable and can lead to corners being cut elsewhere. Our team at Andrew and Andrew will provide you with a guide price for your individual case, including every service you need.

Who is responsible for my case?

Will your case be managed by one person, or will a team be involved?

This is important to know, as you will want to ensure that the person overseeing your purchase is fully qualified and is not in training.

How often will you be in contact?

When you are buying a home, you will want to be informed of each stage as it happens. So, an experienced solicitor should aim to contact you a minimum of once a week with updates, even if there have been no changes.

Which societies or bodies are you a member of?

There are many professional bodies which solicitors have to be members of to practice law in the UK. Ensure that your solicitor is a member of both the Law Society and the Council of Licensed Conveyors, as both societies have practice standards that each member has to adhere to. If they aren’t a member, move on quickly!

Have you handled a purchase like this before?

No 2 property purchases are the same, but if your solicitor is not experienced with a purchase like yours, it can delay the entire procedure and cause issues. Before committing, make sure that the solicitor has in-depth knowledge of the property type you are buying.