When it comes to divorce, a frequently asked question is whether a divorce solicitor is needed when both spouses agree on everything. The answer is yes, especially if there are children or property involved. If you and your spouse are in agreement, the chances are that the divorce costs will plummet.

At Andrew & Andrew, our family solicitors in Portsmouth are highly skilled in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution and can help you and your partners to separate as agreeably as possible. As a matter of fact, our experienced family solicitors in Portsmouth are members of The Resolution, a national organisation of family solicitors promoting a non-confrontational approach to divorce and family law matters.

Don’t assume you have covered everything

Sometimes, people assume that they will not need a family solicitor for their divorce, mainly because they think they have discussed everything with their soon-to-be ex-partner. Even if you have every intention to agree with your partner in advance, chances are that there are some things you haven’t considered. For instance, if your children want to attend university, how will those costs be divided? The point is, even for people who have discussed things in advance and have agreed on everything, chances are that they haven’t thought about specific aspects of the divorce. Our family solicitors in Portsmouth will cover all possible scenarios and help protect your future interests.

Dealing with shared property

When property is involved in a divorce process, it is almost always necessary for a solicitor to draft an agreement between the two parties. Having a family solicitor to prepare the agreement properly and ensure that every aspect is covered will protect your interests in the long run and help prevent problems. Moreover, if the mutual agreement is drafted by a lawyer, chances are that neither party will come back after the other in the future.

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