Whether you are selling your family home or simply want to move to a new part of the country, selling a property can be a very tricky process, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the associated restrictions! Luckily, it is not a process that you need to undertake on your own and our team at Andrew and Andrew are always happy to help, whether this is the first or fifth property you have sold.

At Andrew and Andrew, our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth can help with all manner of home selling, from advice on how much you can expect to sell the home for, how to bring it up to code (if needed) and help with the selling process when buyers come into the picture. Great!

Here, we answer common FAQs that our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth receive, so read on to learn more!

Where do I start with home selling?

Firstly, you will need to receive a valuation on how much your property is worth; this is where our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth can begin their work! We can look around your property and make an estimate, but we will also advise you to seek the advice of estate agents so you can be happy with the end price that you can expect to receive for your home. We can sit with you and discuss the timeframe in which you want to sell your home and will aim to work towards that.

Do I need to conduct the viewings myself?

You do not need to conduct viewings when potential buyers look around the property, but we advise that you do answer any more intimate questions that they may have. And we may also advise that you allow us to place an interactive tour of your property online so that people from further afield can have the opportunity to explore your property and potentially bid on it.

Will the home selling process take a long time?

Every property sale is different, but we can offer a rough guide. If your home was correctly valued, offers should begin to appear within 4 weeks. If the buyer already has their mortgage, the exchange of contracts between us and the buyer’s legal team will take roughly 4-6 weeks.

In total, you should expect the selling of a home to take around 12-14 weeks on average.

Who arranges the surveying?

In England, as the seller, you do not need to arrange for a survey of your property to be conducted, as this is the buyer’s responsibility. But we can ensure that the things the surveyor is looking for (such as mould) are treated to increase the value of your home.

How do you choose the completion date?

The completion date for selling or buying a home is arrived at when the contracts between our team and the buyer’s team are agreed upon and all is above board. These contracts will include details like the final cost of the property. But we will consult you as to the completion date to ensure that you are happy with it before finalising it.