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With the passing of a loved one, there are many practical tasks that you will be required to undertake. In order to ensure an estate is managed as your loved one intended, you may need support from a probate solicitor.

Our expert team understand the challenges you may be facing at such a sensitive time and will complete the legal formalities of your probate process. This support is aimed at helping executors of wills, and recently bereaved family members who need advice on whether a grant is required, how to obtain a grant and subsequent distribution of the estate.

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Andrew & Andrew have a long heritage of providing expert support and guidance on probate. You are guaranteed a dedicated specialist to deal with all legal formalities on your behalf, from start to finish.

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Our team understand the difficulty of conversations of this nature during such a sensitive time. It is our priority to keep you informed of progress at all times, ensuring you get the outcome you require and feel comfortable throughout, and after, the process.

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For every question big and small, we provide the same level of expert support to our valued clients. Our advice helps bring clarity and calm to stressful periods of life. We have helped clients focus on their lives free from legal worries for over 70 years.

Probate FAQs

The time for the process to complete depends on the complexity of the estate.  As you will appreciate, every estate is different and timescales are given on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, if you are named as the executor to the estate under the deceased’s Will or if you are the next of kin as per the Intestacy Rules you are able to complete the Probate application and process yourself.  However, the Probate process is a legal process and can become very time consuming.  It is extremely important that the relevant Probate forms are completed accurately and it is important to remember that the executor of the Will is personally liable for any mistakes or fraudulence.

A Grant of Probate is a term where the deceased passed with a Will.  Letters of Administration are where there is no Will.  Essentially these mentioned documents give authority to the executor or administrator to deal with the estate and administer assets.

Our fees our calculated on a case-by case basis as estates can vary in size and complexity.  Please contact Andrew and Andrew Solicitors for more information.

For a straightforward estate with no property and a single bank account, it could take as little as 3-4 months for you to receive your inheritance (dependent on the Probate Registry).  However, the majority of estates are more complex than this and on average it will take around 6 to 12 months before you start receiving your inheritance.

Probate Practitioners are highly skilled in what they do and require excellent legal, accountancy and administrative skills.  Probate practitioners understand the law and the complexities that come with it and they are also familiar with legal jargon and will be able to assist you in determining who will benefit from the estate.

This is all dependent on the size of the estate and whom the estate is being left to.  If the Estate has been left to the surviving spouse and all assets were owned jointly, then Probate will not be required.  Each estate is different and our private client department will be able to advise as to whether Probate will be required.

No, you are able to renounce as an executor if you do not wish to act.  If there is more than one named executor, then you are able to have power reserved to you, meaning you retain all your rights as executor but do not take an active role in the estate administration.

Yes, anyone is able to contest a Will if they feel they have a valid claim.

If the original Will cannot be located, then a copy of the deceased’s Will can be proved for Probate.  This process, however, can elongate the Probate process so it is always important that you make all relevant enquiries to locate the deceased’s original Will.

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