Need legal advice or representation?

At Andrew and Andrew, our solicitors in Portsmouth can help you with most areas of legal representation, from conveyancing to probate.

Here, our solicitors Portsmouth highlight 5 key points to consider when looking for legal representation to defend your case in the UK.


First things first when looking for solicitors Portsmouth; are they upfront about fees?

A good firm will break down how much their fees are at an initial meeting and, while it can be tempting, you should avoid choosing a firm that offers a set amount of services for a set fee as any additional work required can become costly.


Even in 2021, it is important to listen to the word of mouth recommendations.

If you know of someone in your family or circle of friends who have recently needed help with legal issues, ask them for which firm they worked with and how they felt it went.

At Andrew and Andrew, all of our customers have given us a 5-star review, meaning that we have been more than helpful in settling legal issues!

But, while we are proud of our team, we do not recommend looking for recommendations about any legal professional or firm on their website; search online for independent reviews and, of course, ask around in your social groups if you need help.


All legal representatives in the UK who are practising must be registered with the Law Society in their respective field of expertise and must also be registered with the Solicitor Registration Authority (SRA).

These regulatory bodies have a database online, which allows you to check the accreditation and qualification of any legal team across the UK, which is also free. Very handy when you are looking for the right legal team to take your case.


A suitable legal representative will have the experience of working in your desired area and will be happy to talk about previous cases without breaking the rules of confidentiality.

The law in the UK is a very complicated area, and any legal team you choose to work with should have the necessary experience to work within the areas that you need, such as conveyancing, family law, criminal law or even probate law.

So, be sure to check that their experience is relevant before hiring them!

Gut instinct!

Too often in society, people go against their gut instinct and this can lead them into all sorts of trouble.

As we recommended earlier, when you are choosing a legal representative, it is important to meet with them and get a feel for how they work. Do they appear approachable? Are they calm and confident when answering your questions? Do they use jargon-free language?

And, while it may not seem important, do they offer you their card and tell you their hours of operation?

If you feel there is something amiss when meeting a legal team, move on to your backup option. If you are happy with them and they tick all of your boxes, then work with them.

Our team at Andrew and Andrew will always work hard to answer all of your questions and make you feel welcome in our office, so we hope to hear from you soon!