Child contact issues

Whether a parent or a grandparent, when access to the children within the family is denied the emotional damage to both adult and child can be devastating and long lasting on all involved. The safety and well-being of the child whilst a top priority in normal daily life can sometimes be skewed by emotional difficulties between the adults and in turn cause unintentional emotional distress to the child or children. When this occurs it is important to seek help promptly in order to contain and limit the emotional damage to all members involved.

A non-emotional approach to the situation

Breakdowns within families no matter what the cause can be devastating and leave a trail of destruction behind. Emotions run high with all involved and whilst the majority of us believe that handling the problems on our own is the best way forward, more often than not, this is actually a more damaging approach to take. For this reason it is important to gain an impartial, clear-headed professional, such as one of our family solicitors in Portsmouth to work with you on your case.


Rational thinking when family disputes are involved rarely occurs, as each individual has a personal, emotional reason to be involved. Having an impartial support team enables decisions to be made based on rational thinking rather than on an emotional response, which will in turn lead to a favourable result based on evidence rather than being negatively impacted by emotions. Having this team of support enables you to voice your opinions and feelings without any backlash and whilst we can only advise, voicing out your thoughts to others is often an excellent way to work through personal problems. Our family solicitors Portsmouth are your relief team, working hard on your behalf and removing as much of the burden as we possibly can.

A faster resolution

When facing problems within the family, ones that cannot be resolved amicably outside of the law are generally in need of a quick resolution to the issue, in order to minimise the detrimental impact on all those involved both directly and indirectly. An ongoing trail of devastation and stress is the last thing anyone would want and therefore hiring family solicitors Portsmouth is a step in the right direction. Our highly qualified, proactive team will support you along the entire process and ensure that all parties are fully informed throughout.

Why choose Andrew & Andrew?

For over 70 years our practice has been supporting families throughout their difficult times and offering as much advice and knowledge as we can to help them achieve their positive outcomes. By offering a friendly, reliable approach to all our clients we ensure that support throughout the entire process is provided enabling our clients to feel a little more at ease.

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