Do you have any legal questions you would like answered? Are you or a loved one involved in a legal case that requires representation? Our solicitors Portsmouth are on hand should you require legal advice or counsel and would be happy to assist you with your case.

We have a team of highly qualified solicitors Portsmouth on hand to help with a diverse range of legal matters, from family law and conveyancing to criminal cases.

Our practice was first established over 70 years ago by founding members named Andrew Wisniewski and Andrew Sears. They founded the firm out of their passion for the law and wanted to help serve the community. Fast forward to the present and our practice Andrew & Andrew is still serving the community, to this day, in their honour. We look forward to helping new and existing clients with the same passion and dedication as our founders.

Seek representation with our solicitors Portsmouth for all things legal

Here at Andrew & Andrew our clients’ wellbeing and best interests are at the centre of what we do. We look forward to establishing professional relationships with our clients, employing mutual respect and an understanding that some cases may require a great deal of sensitivity. At all times we offer our support and are on hand to assist in any way we can. We also realise that each case may be different and thus will require a different approach in order to achieve the best possible outcome. For this reason, our solicitors are dedicated to creating a personalised approach to each case, so that you can experience a more favourable outcome.

Trust us with all your conveyancing needs

Our professional team of conveyancing lawyers have in-depth knowledge of Portsmouth and the surrounding area, and this is one of the things that sets us apart from other lawyers in the vicinity. Not only are we familiar with the lie of the land, but we are fully cognisant and knowledgeable about other local businesses and properties in the area. This proves to be highly advantageous for any client of the firm.

Discover our 5-star reviews regarding the quality of our service

In today’s modern world clients often turn to social media and to reviews in order to establish the reputation of a business or brand. We are proud to have received 5-star reviews from past clients, as well as glowing recommendations in the form of referrals. These can be seen on our website and social pages and we look forward to continuing to deliver quality service to both new and existing clients who we represent.

At Andrew & Andrew we offer transparency when it comes to our legal fees

We understand the  toll a lengthy trial or case may take on the client and this could result in an increase of legal fees following a prolonged period of time. Here at our firm we offer clients full transparency when it comes to our legal fees and what this may cost going forward so you can have peace of mind along the way.