Enlisting the help of solicitors in Portsmouth can be overwhelming, costly, and stressful. For those who are not familiar with the law in great detail, cases can be complex which is why our solicitors in Portsmouth are here to make your situation less of a burden.

Andrew & Andrew has been established for over 70 years and offers a huge range of services including personal injury claims, medical negligence, civil litigation, etc. But if you are new to this and have never before enlisted the help of solicitors in Portsmouth, read on for more information.

How do solicitors differ from lawyers?

A lawyer is anyone who can offer legal advice so that includes legal executives, solicitors and barristers. Solicitors are lawyers who offer legal advice and represent clients in court, similarly to barristers who specialise in representing clients in the courts too. In most circumstances, a client contacts and hires a solicitor who will prepare the case. If this reaches court, they are able to represent their client but if they require special advice, they will contract the service of a barrister.

What do solicitors do?

Solicitors can be appointed for many different reasons and can offer advice to resolve legal issues. Most solicitors specialise in a particular area of the law; for example, divorce, criminal cases, personal injury of probate matters, etc.

Who regulates them?

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) keeps watch over solicitors and the firms they work for in England and Wales. There are seven codes of conduct that all solicitors must follow and if they do not, the SRA will take action. Similarly, any law firms that pose a big risk to the public can also be shut down by the SRA.

How am I protected if I use a solicitor?

The principles set by the SRA protect people from unfair treatment at the hands of a solicitor. They outline the right to be informed about the costs of legal work and the right to open a complaint if something does not go to plan. Finally, if you lose money because of a solicitor’s dishonesty or behaviour, you can make a claim under the SRA’s compensation fund and get your money back.

What should I expect from a solicitor?

If your solicitor is regulated by the SRA, you should receive all the relevant information you need to make a well-informed choice about the service you seek. Costs, and how they are calculated, will be clearly stated. If you ever request a break-down of these fees and charges, they will be provided to you any time during your case. Your solicitor will give you advice and put your best interests first, whilst respecting the confidentiality of your situation.

How will I pay for this service?

Legal fees are uniquely estimated for every client. Each and every case is different and each and every person requires different services, but your legal representative will clearly state the costs that will need to be paid once your case is resolved.