Everyone has their little piece of the world that they live on. To ensure that we can all co-exist peaceably, buy and sell property, rent, build and so on, there is a huge section of the law that deals with property and issues arising from it. Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you have probably come across this area of the law before.

There are a number of common disputes around property that we see at Andrew & Andrew when we are acting as solicitors in Portsmouth.

Some people are concerned about property litigation as they worry about getting into lengthy and costly processes that are likely to cause bad feeling among neighbours or between landlords and tenants. This is understandable. At Andrew & Andrew, we are committed to conflict-free resolutions to property issues. Often, it is a simple case of getting a legal professional to look through the various documentation and make a qualified assessment of which party is in the right. Only where there is ambiguity does the possibility of further action arise. Even then, we recommend mediation, where possible, rather than civil proceedings.

These are just a few of the kinds of cases that we see when acting as solicitors in Portsmouth:

  • Boundary disputes concerning fences, dividing walls, hedges and driveways – this can often come up when something is damaged and it’s time to make repairs. Who is responsible for the costs? Andrew & Andrew can help you track down the answer, even if it isn’t clear from your property documents;
  • Repairs – when you are renting, it should be clear from the lease who is responsible for various repairs. If it is not, or something unusual happens, you may need legal assistance to find the answer;
  • Planning restrictions – planning law is complex and legal assistance is often required to navigate it – especially if you want to dispute a restriction. Andrew & Andrew can help you find the information you need to make your case.

Even if you do not see your issue here, get in touch for anything to do with property litigation. As your solicitors in Portsmouth, we can make recommendations about how to proceed and help you get the results that you want.