Have you heard of the term conveyancing before? If you haven’t, conveyancing is the term used within law to refer to the process of transferring a property from one owner to the other. This process can be long and time consuming as there is a lot to consider and coordinate including regulations, financial arrangements and legal matters. Luckily, at Andrew and Andrew, we have conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth who are able to assist you throughout the process to ensure that everything runs as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Conveyancing Solicitors Portsmouth at Andrew and Andrew

At Andrew and Andrew, our conveyancing solicitors have been assisting homeowners based in Portsmouth for almost 60 years, so our conveyancing team have acquired enormous experience over the years, assisting clients in what is considered to be one of the biggest financial commitments they will ever have to make. As well as assisting our clients who would like to either buy or sell their home, we can also act on behalf of clients who are remortgaging their property, or with lease extensions, transfers of equity and other complex property arrangements.

So you are ready to instruct a conveyancing solicitor at Andrew and Andrew

When looking into purchasing a house, if you decide to instruct one of our conveyancing solicitors Portsmouth, it will be the responsibility of our solicitor to carry out the necessary legal work, such as checking the house title and organising necessary searches for the property.

At the start of the process our solicitor will make enquiries on your behalf to ensure that there are no adverse matters which will affect the purchasing of the property. It is at this stage of the process that our solicitor should also receive the contract and copies of the legal title. This will allow us to make sure that everything is in order, such as to check that the necessary rights are in place.

After this you will be able to apply for a mortgage. When applying for a mortgage it is imperative that the lender is given all necessary information such as the source of the deposit, so that when our conveyancing solicitor confirms the information to them, the lender is not drawn to reconsider their offer.

At this stage of the process the lender will carry out a valuation of the property, in order to ensure that the property is not only worth the agreed sum, but so that they can also secure your mortgage against the property. By also working alongside the seller’s solicitor, we will ensure that the transaction is carried out as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

How long does it take to purchase a property?

With the assistance of a conveyancing solicitor, the process of purchasing a property can take between two to three months, however, this is all dependent on the number of individuals involved in the process and the circumstances of the buyer. As there is a lot of legal and administrative work to complete prior to the purchase, it can seem like it is a long process, however as purchasing a house is a big commitment, it is important that all matters are considered to avoid any issues. Fortunately, by instructing a conveyancing solicitor in Portsmouth you can rest assured that the purchase of your new home will be a positive and smooth process.