Trying to navigate through the many, complicated branches of the probate process whilst grieving for a loved one is sometimes too much to handle. The littlest mistake could cost you time and money but more importantly, it would prevent you from truly grieving. Hiring a probate solicitor in emsworth following the death of a relative is advised for many reasons. A probate solicitor in emsworth would always aim to make the process as quick and streamline as possible whilst always striving for the best outcome, for you. Seeking help from a probate solicitor in emsworth could be the relief you need during such a difficult time, here is why…

They can help draft your will

Your last will and testament is one of the most important documents you will ever create which is why accuracy is imperative. Soliciting a probate officer to oversee the creation of your will is the best way to ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and honoured after your death. Whilst it may be tempting to draft your own, a small inaccuracy could deem the document invalid after your death, making your estate vulnerable.

They can minimise family conflict

Wills can be a blessing, but they can also cause conflict within families. If the terms of the will are less favourable to certain heirs, it can be disputed. A probate solicitor can help to reduce tensions and facilitate an easier probate process in terms of settling the estate.

They can protect an estate against a legal claim

Contrary to popular belief, legal claims against estate happens more frequently than most people realise. From will contests to creditor claims, the probate process can attract those seeking to financially gain from the death of a testator. Probate experts can protect the wishes of the deceased where as someone outside of law would most likely struggle.

They can expedite probate

Managing an estate settlement is complex and bogged down in details and an inexperienced executor with little legal knowledge would struggle. Whilst settling a probate matter can be a long process, hiring a specialist could make tackling financial obstacles less of a burden.

They can answer your questions

The probate process can be confusing for everyone involved which can then be intensified by the raw emotion experienced after losing a loved one. A probate solicitor will carefully explain the process, step by step, allowing you time to grieve.

They can sort all the technical details

Executors have a huge list of duties to fulfil which includes a lot of court filings that can be time consuming and complicated. Whilst it is possible to do without the help of a probate expert, one small mistake could be very detrimental, further emphasising the benefit of hiring a solicitor with years of experience.

They will make sure debts are paid

As an executor, it can be disheartening to learn that your share of an estate needs to be handed over to creditors to settle the unpaid debts of the deceased. It is the responsibility of the probate specialist to settle any debts before the release of the estate to executors, avoiding unnecessary delays.