Divorce is not fun, and if you have children and own a home with your partner, it can be even more harrowing to everyone involved.

But when it comes to looking into divorce in the UK, many couples begin to panic with headlines stating that divorce rates are climbing or that being married shortens your life. In actuality, both of these points are nonsense!

At Andrew & Andrew, our family solicitors Emsworth are up to date on all the latest laws and statistics surrounding divorce in the UK and are more than happy to answer any queries that you may have if you and your partner are considering this option.

But in this article, we are going to look at some of the facts surrounding divorce in the UK according to our team of family solicitors Emsworth.

Divorce rates are dropping

According to our family solicitors Emsworth, divorce rates are dropping across the UK (despite what you may have read relating to COVID based divorces!).

Divorce rates currently stand at 10.8%, which, when compared to divorce rates of the early 2000s, ’90s and further back, is the lowest that it has ever been.

Adultery accusations

It is portrayed in the media and film, but the reasons for divorce in the UK in recent times have revolved around issues with behaviour and not adultery or extramarital relationships.

Indeed, 14% of marriages have resulted in a divorce based on adultery, when in 1987, this rate was at nearly 40%!

But this may be in part due to a more relaxed attitude to open marriages and non-monogamous relationships versus ideologies surrounding behaviour and accountability.

Marriages are getting longer

We have all heard of the 7 years itch (a real thing, which we will come back to!), but on average, across the UK, marriages are now lasting longer, with more couples who are choosing to divorce doing so at around 11 years of marriage.

But, alongside this, 10% of marriages are now reaching their diamond wedding anniversary!

Once again, this could be linked to people taking their vows more seriously mixed with longer lifespans, allowing people to reach this milestone together.

7 Year Itch

We have to talk about this as it is a phenomenon we see at Andrew & Andrew.

While couples are on average divorcing later in their marriages, the chance of petitioning for a divorce peaks around the 7th wedding anniversary, for reasons that are still debated among legal experts and sociologists. But the chance of divorce jumps from around 1.2% to 3.6%. So, take care around that milestone!

Most marriages do not end

It is a romantic (but factually based) idea that a marriage will not end, and recent surveys show that a whopping 58% of all marriages do not end in divorce.

So, if you have concerns that you and your partner may not last as a married couple, that is a statistic that should calm your nerves.

But, in the event that you do need to begin divorce proceedings, please feel free to contact our team at Andrew & Andrew.