Everybody hopes that they will never need to think about seeking support from family solicitors Portsmouth, but the fact is that many people find themselves in a position where they have to. At Andrew & Andrew, your family solicitors Portsmouth, we have over 60 years’ worth of experience in helping with a wide range of family law. We pride ourselves in offering supportive, caring and expert legal advice on areas of law that can be stressful and painful for our clients. We want to help take the pressure off, making sure your rights are protected and the result of any legal action is fair for you and your family.

What areas of law do you cover?

Whether you are getting divorced, sorting financial arrangements or firming up arrangements for your children, we can help. We also aid those who want to make arrangements before getting married or to protect your rights as unmarried partners. We can also assist with relationship planning, cohabitation and civil partnerships. You may be feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of seeking legal representation and think that understanding the law will be difficult, or you may be very clear about what you want to achieve. We will be able to advise and clarify anything that you require and explain what may be achieved within the law. We also wish to ensure that the rights of your children, if you have any, are protected and we aim to reach amicable solutions with the minimum amount of stress and time for everyone.

Why choose Andrew & Andrew?

Our family solicitors Portsmouth understand that you will want to be treated as an individual; you want to be able to trust that we are working to your specific needs and circumstances that are unique to you. We will offer you a friendly and expert service, so you can feel more at ease that you are being supported every step of the way. With our vast experience, we also understand the pressure you will be under and we offer an empathetic approach in everything that we do.

Getting legal support doesn’t also mean that we will blindside you with legal jargon. We will break everything down for you and explain everything in plain English, so you can fully appreciate what decisions you are making and why. We can also ensure that you understand all of the options available to you and help you to make the right decisions for yourself at this often emotional time.

What do I need to do to get help?

If you are considering seeking support from a solicitor, you can ring us for a no obligation, free interview to discuss your particular circumstances. During this call, we will then be able to ascertain what you might need us to do for you and we will be able to reassure you and start to put you at your ease, knowing that we can help and how we will be able to do that. As the adage goes, a problem shared is a problem halved, but we like to think that we will be able to do everything within the law to resolve things as positively as possible. Give us a call and find out how.