Normal families all have their little spats and falling outs, but in some situations there may be such a degree of animosity that legal help is required to ensure that everyone involved is given fair legal representation.

For those that are unfamiliar with what falls under the jurisdiction of family law, here are a few examples that our family solicitors in Portsmouth can help with.

Settling divorce cases

One of the most common causes for bringing in legal representation is to help with the correct proceedings for a divorce case. Although most tend to end amicably, there can be a few that hit a rough patch where no immediate solution is available that pleases both parties. In these situations we would recommend you consult with one of our family solicitors in Portsmouth to find out the best approach to ensure that a speedy result is met either in or out of court.

Aiding with family disputes

Settling disputes within a family is one of the main key reasons for consulting legal advice, as you may not be making the most thought out decisions during such an emotional time. A lawyer can also be nominated to act on your behalf to make or announce decisions and as a neutral party for dialogue to settle specific disputes or allegations, should the people involved in the case not be on speaking terms.

At Andrew & Andrew Solicitors our talented team of expert solicitors in family law will employ all due care, respect and diligence when handling sensitive cases surrounding your family.

 Investigating allegations of abuse

Of the examples given so far, this is perhaps one of the more serious instances where you should contact a lawyer. If at any point there are allegations of abuse or neglect in a family’s relationship either with minors or adults, then your legal representative will be able to significantly investigate these claims.

If they are found to be true your solicitor would normally be able to assist by writing a letter to the abuser involved, with a warning demanding a cessation of actions against the victim or face immediate repercussions in court. Another would be to introduce a restriction of movement or contact between the two parties so there would be no communication involved either through phone, email or in person to ensure the victim is kept safe.

Protecting the rights of minors

Rounding out our list, in the event that minors are involved in a case our legal team would be able to step in to protect their rights in and out of court. This could be in the form of introducing them into protective custody with authorities, placing them with a relevant and approved guardian, or bringing in social care workers to assess the living conditions and general welfare of the child.

These are just a few ways in which our team of solicitors can help with family matters that require legal intervention. To learn more about how our practice can aid you in your case of family law or if you’re seeking representation, then just get in touch with our team.