If you need family solicitors in Portsmouth, chances are you are in a stressful situation. The last thing the situation needs is a solicitor stoking the fires to create enmity where there should be harmony. At Andrew & Andrew, we use the law to find solutions at the earliest opportunity rather than trying to draw things out.

The children always come first

If you are involved in a legal situation that involves children, such as a divorce, when you choose us for your family solicitors in Portsmouth, we will always put your children’s needs first.

It may be that you are already divorced and are having trouble getting to spend time with your children. Or perhaps you are the parents of a divorcee and never get to see your grandchildren. We can help you make sure your rights as a parent or a grandparent are recognised and respected.

Other disputes involving children

Very often, when a relationship breaks down, disputes occur over where the children live or how they are brought up. We can help resolve issues to do with taking the children out of the country, their schooling and their religious upbringing.

Other reasons for using family solicitors in Portsmouth

There are various ways a marriage can legally be brought to an end. It may be that your marriage can end in annulment rather than a divorce. Or perhaps, due to religious or other reasons, you do not want a divorce but instead are seeking a judicial separation. This means that you are separate legal entities in terms of possessions and income and so forth, but that neither of you are free to marry again.


There is a misguided belief in the UK that people who have lived together for some time have the same legal rights as married couples, but in fact, there is no such thing in law as a common-law husband or wife. So if a relationship breaks down, or one partner dies, it pays to have a written agreement in place to cover the division of property. This is also important when it comes to children and who they get to live with.