Life is unpredictable.

And, while it may not be something that you have considered, with the uncertainty that is currently occurring across the globe, it can be a relief to write a legal will.

Making a will can offer you and your loved ones peace of mind; in the event that you suddenly pass away, it can provide an easy way for your family to manage your legal affairs and estate.

While it may be tempting to order a ‘will kit’ to save on legal fees, these are not often overseen by a qualified solicitor. Indeed, you may even be considering writing a will as part of a funeral plan or life insurance, but once again, these may not provide security if your estate is large or complex.

And so, if you have many matters that need to be overseen once you pass away, you will need the guidance of a trained solicitor.

At Andrew and Andrew, our probate solicitors Emsworth will be able to help you to leave a legally clear will. We explore every avenue that surrounds your estate, family and other assets, to provide a comprehensive guide on how your estate will be handled in the event of your death.

But what are some of the advantages of writing your will with Andrew and Andrew’s probate solicitors Emsworth? Read on to find out!

Minimal risk of error

When you choose to complete your will with our probate solicitors Emsworth, you can rest assured that there will be minimal to no chance of an error.

With will making kits or even funeral home plans, legal technicalities may be overlooked (such as a witness who saw you sign the will), making it invalid after you pass away.

As our team is regulated, you can rest assured that all of the legal aspects surrounding this process will be adhered to.

No complications

Probate law is difficult to navigate, and while you could attempt to write your will yourself, this is not a good idea.

Our team knows all of the legal jargon, how to present the will and will be able to advise you when it comes to making legal decisions surrounding your estate. We can help with taxes and exemptions too!

Legal protection

In the event that you pass away and our team made an error about your will, both you and your family are legally protected.

Remember, solicitors are regulated and so, if there are any issues surrounding language or clarity in your will, your family will be able to make a complaint to our firm.

While this is unlikely due to the expertise of our team, it is nice to know that the option is there!

Safe storage

When you come to our firm to write your will, we can store it safely with other legal documentation. In short, your will is not going to get lost, water damaged or burned in a fire, and will be immediately accessible after you pass away, thus giving you and your family reassurance.