Whether it is your first move, or a move to your dream home, the process of buying a house should be exciting, not stressful.

As you go through the process, you will be faced with plenty of decisions, questions and legal requirements. It can all seem quite daunting, especially on your first purchase.

We believe support from an expert conveyancing solicitor is integral to ensure you can enjoy the move into your new home, knowing all legal matters are taken care of.

Understanding the process

Instead of muddling through and hoping for the best, working with a conveyancing solicitor can alleviate any concerns you may have about the legal circumstances around your move.

Whilst a conveyancing solicitor is not mandatory, it is especially useful for first-time buyers. Our team have helped countless individuals and couples into their first home. Professional advice enables you to make the best decisions throughout the process, keeping it as simple as possible for you.

How it works

Whilst every case is unique, working with a conveyancing solicitor is likely to follow this process.

Outlining your move
We will explain what to expect from your move, the legal matters we will take care of and the expected timeframes for completion.

Surveys and searches
Your conveyancer will carry out various investigations and searches for you and your mortgage lender. This will provide a detailed background on your new property before you buy it. Any findings will be communicated to you, along with our advice on the next steps.

We will prepare the required paperwork for your contract with the seller. Once both parties sign the contract, it is legally binding, and withdrawing may lead to financial penalties. Your solicitor and the seller’s solicitor will exchange signed contracts – and we will push to confirm a completion date.

Your move
All steps are undertaken to complete your move, including the transferral of funds for purchase. We assist in preparing your tax return and arranging payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax to HMRC. Also, we will register your name as the owner and your mortgage provider as the lender at the Land Registry.

Selling your old home

For first-time buyers, you will not have to worry about this. But for those moving home, it can be easy to forget how complex things can become when you are selling your current home.

Our conveyancing solicitors will talk you through each step that needs to be taken as and when required, and they will negotiate deals on your behalf. We communicate with other parties involved on your behalf but ensure that you are kept updated throughout the entire process.

Any changes or delays will be communicated and explained.

Communication is key

Our conveyancing solicitors are highly trained property lawyers, specialising in residential and commercial conveyancing work. Not only are they sufficiently trained and experienced in this area of law, but they also ensure that communication with the client is always excellent.

From our first consultation to the day you start moving in, we are by your side. That is why we are chosen by families across Portsmouth and the wider region to be their partners during such an exciting period of their lives.

Get support from your local solicitors in Portsmouth

Andrew & Andrew provide timely, resourceful and cost-effective legal solutions for all your conveyancing needs, and take care of all legal processes involved with property transfer.

We are here to help, whenever you are ready. To get started, please talk to our team.