Leaving a will is one of the best provisions you can make for your family and loved ones after you pass away. Without it, all sorts of confusion can ensue, and people may end up missing out on support or gifts that you genuinely wanted them to have. Andrew & Andrew make it easy for you to create the legal documents you need to express your wishes when you pass away.

Make the decision

Making a will is relatively easy for most people once they decide to go ahead. It’s just a matter of contacting probate solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew & Andrew, to make an appointment. It’s so easy to keep putting off the process but you will feel much better once you have everything taken care of.

Gather your paperwork

The paperwork you need to make a will relates to your financial dealings. This might include a house, pension, life insurance and so on. All these will help to make your document. Andrew & Andrew, probate solicitors in Portsmouth, will provide you with a guide to everything you need to bring to your appointment.

Decide on any special item

Any particular items you want to leave to people will need to be accurately described in the will. You don’t need to think about everything you own as the remainder can be left to specific people to sort out. You just need to talk to us about valuable items such as jewellery or things that are more sentimental, like photographs or books.

Decide on executors

It’s a good idea to have at least two named executors in your will. You can have up to four. When we make the will, we need the full names and current addresses of all the executors so they can be contacted to administer the estate.

Look out for deal

Sometimes, charities and other organisations pair up with solicitors to offer cheap or free will-making services. This is to encourage people to get their affairs in order for their families. You can look out for one of these or check with local probate solicitors in Portsmouth like Andrew & Andrew, to see what costs are involved in making a simple will.