Who are these experts?

Handling legal matters can be confusing and time consuming most of the time. Not to mention the complicated terminology that can be bewildering to an individual who hasn’t any previous experience of or background in law. But it is something that every individual is likely to have to deal with at some time or other in their life. Law needn’t be confusing if you have the help of a professional from Andrew & Andrew to guide you through the process. For instance, our solicitors can advise an individual on preparing legal documents. We will guide an individual through the process by helping them prepare careful, rigorous paperwork appropriate for the legal task at hand.

What do solicitors Portsmouth do?

Our legal professionals engage in many different areas of legal work. Broadly speaking their work can be categorised as falling into two groups. These are ‘contentious’ and ‘non-contentious’. Contentious legal work, alternatively known as litigious work, is likely to be in a tribunal or a court setting. Non-contentious work on the other hand is known as non-litigious work, which is usually dealing with the legal side of an individual’s business or personal needs. This is usually work with individuals, small businesses, and large organisations and companies. Charges vary according to the type of service that we are required to deliver.

Some examples of what our solicitors do

Our solicitors Portsmouth engage in many legal activities such as buying and selling residential and commercial property, buying and selling companies, helping with company mergers and providing advice on construction projects. On a daily basis we engage in providing services by meeting with individuals who need legal advice or help to draft and negotiate binding contracts, and by giving sound strategies on different areas relating to the law.

One of the many areas our solicitors Portsmouth work in is conveyancing. Conveyancing is the practice of transferring the legal rights of a property from one party or individual to another. Our solicitors are expertly qualified to perform these services. Our team has the experience, skills and knowledge required to guide individuals through the variety of legal matters pertaining to the acquiring or selling of property. They are capable of guiding clients through the legal documentation, making the process smooth and stress free. Legal matters can be overwhelming to handle if a person isn’t aware of the legal system or has no prior experience dealing with legal matters. This is very much so when it comes to practices such as conveyancing, which involves having to deal with complicated legal documents and terms that can leave a person with little or no knowledge of legal matters baffled.

Legal professionals will simplify the whole process by providing expert advice which will make the whole procedure clearer and less complex to an individual who has little or no prior experience dealing with legal matters. This is of immense importance to successfully accomplish a task which has to deal with legal matters. Not only will our help simplify things for our clients, but it will ensure a sharing of the burden in these matters for individuals seeking our services.