As more people in the UK become sole traders, self-employed or are interested in building their own homes from scratch, the use of legal representation is more important than ever.

But of course, these are not the only reasons why you may need to seek the advice of a legal expert.

The law in the UK is very complicated and, unless you have been trained to a degree level in it, attempting to navigate a legal issue by yourself will probably cause more harm than good. Which nobody wants!

So, if you are based in Portsmouth or nearby and you have a legal issue, contact our team at Andrew and Andrew for the best advice.

At Andrew and Andrew, we can help you with many areas of the law in the UK; our trained solicitors Portsmouth have helped our clients to contend with issues involving family, housing and even areas surrounding general disputes. We pride ourselves on how we treat our clients and will be there for you at every step of your legal case and beyond if needed.

But what are some of the reasons why you may need to seek the help of our solicitors Portsmouth?


Home and property is a big area in UK law; depending on the aspect you need help with, it can fall under conveyancing law, family law or even probate law.

The most common reasons why people seek out our team of solicitors Portsmouth is in relation to the buying and selling of property, but may also revolve around civil issues such as disputes with a landlord buying a property to let it out.


Another large area of life and law is family.

And, family law encompasses everything from divorce and child arrangements all the way to the drawing up of prenuptial agreements. We can help with postnuptial agreements too and can also help you with family inheritance in relation to probate.

Setting up a business

Falling under civil litigation in most cases, we can also assist in the area of employer/employee disputes and can help you to navigate the more complicated side of being a business owner, such as bankruptcy and insolvency if needed.

But, on the lighter side, we can help with the drawing up of contracts for your staff and can assist you in the purchasing or renting of a business property too.


Life is rarely straightforward and issues can pop up when you least expect them.

And so, our team is able to offer you assistance with matters surrounding appointing a power of attorney, the drawing up of a living will, and can also help to resolve disputes on your behalf.


And finally, we come to death and inheritance which is a substantial chunk of UK law.

Whether you need help getting through probate on behalf of a loved one who has died, or you need help disputing the will of someone who has passed away, our team at Andrew and Andrew will be there to help.