Although a divorce can be a very emotional and stressful period in a person’s life, financial arrangements should not be overlooked, especially when children are involved in the process. While the law does not dictate anything specific in terms of the division of money and property, an experienced family solicitor can help you go through what is perhaps the most challenging aspect of a divorce process.

If you have filed for divorce and your financial situation is complicated, Andrew & Andrew family solicitors in Portsmouth will do their best to help you reach a mutually beneficial agreement with your partner. The most important step is to collaborate with your lawyer and identify the right process for you to come to an agreement about your assets, home and ongoing maintenance (for your or your children) with your partner. From our part, we will do our best to resolve your disputes amicably.

Bringing your case to the court

No matter what you agree with your partner about financial arrangement, a court will need to validate them. However, your family solicitors in Portsmouth may recommend going to court while trying to negotiate your financial arrangements, depending on your situation. This does not necessitate that you take a defensive or hostile stance against your partner – instead, it can save time and help to avoid further delays.

If your partner is not being clear about their financial situation or if there is no hope of negotiating a fair agreement, then court proceedings will be initiated by your family solicitors in Portsmouth.

Dos and don’ts

Depending on your respective financial situations, estate and asset arrangements can done quickly or take a considerable amount of time. Trying to reach an agreement with your spouse about who will pay the bills or who will be responsible for child maintenance in the short term is really helpful and will save you time. However, always be aware that your notion of ‘fairness’ and what the law says, may not be the same, and a divorce court might reach a different decision than the one you are expecting. Last but not least, try not to get back to your partner by accumulating debt on joint accounts.