Every ship needs a captain

Here at Andrew and Andrew, we’ve been providing legal support, care and guidance for families who are in need, for over sixty years. Throughout that time, we’ve learnt that a great deal of consideration, empathy and patience is required to provide our clients with a legal service which is both swift and efficient as well as caring and considerate. Family law concerns are never a simple undertaking, and we do our utmost to achieve a result that is amicable for all parties involved and is as stress free as possible. For those who are seeking the services of a reliable and respected family solicitor in Portsmouth, they need look no further than our qualified and caring team of professionals here at Andrew and Andrew.

A helping hand

Family law was established to ensure family related legal matters, such as divorce or separations, are dealt with in a way that is amicable for both parties, and in the best interest of any minors who may be involved. Regardless of the cause of the separation, here at Andrew and Andrew we make it our primary goal to ensure that couples separate without any animosity and in a way which is mutually beneficial for all those involved. Family law also covers other family related legal issues, which include, but are not limited to, arrangements prior to marriage (prenuptial agreements), financial arrangements, civil partnerships, international and cross-border disputes, cohabitation and relationship planning.

It takes a particular type of person to handle family law cases. They must be considerate of the needs of each party involved, as well as being well-versed in the laws concerning the issues that are being discussed. Here at Andrew and Andrew, our trained and professional family solicitors in Portsmouth team are well equipped to deal with any case presented to them. Each family law case, given the nature of the job, is entirely unique. Whilst the law itself is absolute and does not change from case to case, the legal services and style we offer at Andrew and Andrew does. We make an active effort to get to know each of our clients on a personal level. We find that, particularly in cases involving family disputes or separations, by being approachable calm and friendly, the relationship between lawyer and client can be established to allow for a more mutually beneficial and productive relationship to be formed.

Shining a light in the darkness

We, family solicitors in Portsmouth understand that, whatever the case,these types of family issues are always generally stressful. As such, we offer an initial free telephone interview which helps us establish the circumstances of each case and the relevant details. This interview is entirely with no obligation on the part of the client, and is entirely free. If the client decides to take further action then a fee agreement can be worked out at a later date. Andrew and Andrew understand that the first call to a family lawyer can be an emotional and stressful undertaking, but also one of the best and most productive conversations, as it sets the relevant wheels in motion. Our team are on hand at any point in the day to offer support and legal advice to those who need it, as well as providing emotional support and guidance.