In the UK, personal injury claims encompass everything from accidents at work to motor-based collisions.

During our lives, many people will require the help of a solicitor during a potential claim for personal injury.

Whilst the concept of claiming is well known, the process is not.

Our experts seek justice for any injuries acquired at work, on the road or in other public areas and only take on cases where we think we have a high chance of obtaining compensation.

This blog breaks down the importance of a personal injury claim solicitor and how they can help alleviate your claiming concerns.

Assess your situation

Initially, your solicitor will require as much information as possible about the incident, including its date, time, and events.

This includes identifying who you believe is at fault and the reasons for this. For a successful personal injury claim, it’s imperative to demonstrate that your injuries resulted from another party’s negligence. Now is the time to share any potential witness information, too.

The accident’s date is important as it helps your solicitor determine the limitation date for your claim. This limitation date is a legal deadline for issuing court proceedings in a claim. For personal injury claims, the time frame is three years from the accident date or three years post the Claimant’s 18th birthday if they are a minor.

Better understand your potential claim

The above information offers your solicitor clarity and insight into a claim and its potential success. Once your solicitor has this information, they can start working on your claim.

If they do not believe there is a basis for a claim, they will likely suggest that you not move forward. However, if they believe a claim is valid and winnable, we will progress your personal injury claim and support you.

You will likely be kept up to date throughout this process, and your input may be required as the claim progresses further.

Many solicitors are no-win-no-fee, meaning they will not charge you any legal expenses until you have won your claim. This gives claimants peace of mind that they will not be chasing a claim that is unwinnable and then having to pay for it.

Andrew and Andrew operate a no-win-no-fee basis for every one of our personal injury clients.

Let you focus on your health

In the immediate aftermath of an accident, your health should be a priority. By working with a personal injury lawyer, you can give yourself greater peace of mind and focus on recovering from your injury.

A solicitor can take care of putting together your claim, liaise with insurance providers and other stakeholders, and provide essential updates to you and your family with minimal interruption of your recovery.

Deliver the compensation you deserve

The compensation you will receive from a personal injury claim depends on many factors. It includes the strength of your claim, the injuries sustained and the circumstances surrounding the aftermath of your accident.

We have helped thousands of clients achieve a greater level of support throughout their injury period whilst awaiting financial rewards to compensate for the impact on their lives they have suffered.

Get support

Andrew & Andrew Solicitors in Portsmouth have experience in personal claims compensations and operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. We provide a bespoke personal service, and our team pride themselves on getting results.

We are here to help whenever you are ready. To get started, please talk to our team.