Hopefully, your last will is far from your daily concerns. If it isn’t, it doesn’t have to be and that is where the will writing services of our Probate Solicitors in Portsmouth come in. We allow you to express your wishes in plain English in an informal meeting and translate that into a legally binding document, thus ensuring your wishes are seen through should the worst happen.

Your options for will writing

There are several options for making your will and you don’t need to use legal advisors if you do not wish but this can end badly, especially if there is any disputing of the inheritance. There are free templates that can be downloaded online and simply filled in; this is typically the cheapest option.

A licensed will writer can make wills but they are not part of the Law Society and have a very narrow experience of the law. If your will is likely to be straight forward, then for a small, less than £4,000 estate, they are a good option. But they cannot help you with any work within a greater legal scope or the interactions between laws not directly connected to the will, such as marital ones.

If the estate is greater than £4,000, involves property sale to distribute the assets among multiple benefices, has interactions with pre-nuptials or adopted beneficiaries, it would be best to use a fully licenced Probate Solicitors in Portsmouth. They have the breadth of legal knowledge needed to understand how to balance the various legal interactions that would be part of this type of will.

Hiring a solicitor to manage probate

Probate is not intended to be taxing but due to the layers of laws and surrounding interactions it can create, to have a reliable, robust and trustworthy system to manage inheritance is needed. The role of an executor may quickly overwhelm you; this can especially be the case where you were close to the deceased and are currently suffering from grief and mourning. Here Probate Solicitors in Portsmouth can be a massive help being able to rapidly and calmly interact with the bureaucracy of probate without frustration or personal angst.

Finding a probate solicitor

You may already be entitled to the assistance of a probate solicitor, as our services are sometimes included with life insurance packages, mortgages or as part of the funeral cover offered by workers unions. This may lock you into using a designated solicitor.

You can check the registration and qualifications of any UK solicitors on the Law Society’s register, which is publicly available on their website if you wish to try and use a different solicitor than the preset choice.

If you have questions you can feel free to get in contact with us; we are still open. We have had to reduce our face to face meetings but we are happy to conduct meetings via online conference calls. We also have a live chat available on our website if you would like to have an informal conversation about your dealings with probate and will writing.