Family law is the body of law that regulates family matters including marriage, the treatment of children and divorce to name a few circumstances. At Andrews and Andrews Solicitors Ltd, we have an established team of family solicitors based in Emsworth who are dedicated to assisting families in finding resolutions within any issues they are currently experiencing, providing a service which is both professional and supportive.

So if you are currently in the midst of a family dispute and you are in need of legal advice, we would advise you to contact us at Andrews and Andrews Solicitors Ltd where one of our family solicitors in Emsworth will be able to give you legal assistance.

What family circumstances can a family solicitor in Emsworth deal with?

You may be wondering whether your current family circumstance is something that we are able to deal with at Andrews and Andrews Solicitors Ltd. Our solicitors in Emsworth are able to deal with several types of family matters including marriage and arrangements prior to marriage, civil partnerships, cohabitation and divorce and separation.

Dealing with break down of a relationship?

Unfortunately, there are cases where you may experience the breakdown of a marriage. If you have found yourself in this situation and you are finding the process of separating and divorcing difficult or stressful. One of our family solicitors may be able to help you in making the separation and divorce as smooth as possible, especially if there are children involved, and also to help you to deal with other matters including properties and possessions.

If you are looking into how to undergo divorce proceedings or to get a judicial separation or nullity, our family solicitors that are based in Emsworth are always certain to follow the resolution code of practice in order to help resolve these matters in a constructive manner whilst trying to diffuse any issues as much as possible.

We offer free telephone consultations to all our prospective clients before being instructed in order for individuals to have an understanding of our services and what to expect from us.

If you are happy to proceed with one of our family solicitors in Emsworth, we will guide and give you tailored advice on how to handle matters in regards to assets, any properties you may jointly own and settlements as well as taking into consideration any children you may have.

During the separation process, having children involved can also be an added strain as conversations will need to be had regarding parental arrangements. At Andrews and Andrews Solicitors Ltd, we can advise parents and carers regarding private law proceedings.

Such law proceedings in relation to children include arrangement orders, disputes regarding a child or children’s schooling, as well as discussions over religious beliefs and whether a party has made an application to change the surname of a child or children.

By aiming to use as little jargon as possible, our family solicitors in Emsworth are experienced in dealing with these matters and working alongside family members to ensure that proceedings remain as non-confrontational as possible.