Established in 1954, Andrew and Andrew now have two offices, one in Portsmouth and one in Emsworth. Our team is dedicated to providing both a professional and friendly service for our clients who are currently dealing with matters which require our legal expertise.

Our experienced team is led by two directors. The first is our solicitor Andrew Wisniewski who has not only been a partner to the firm for over 20 years, but has dealt with a full range of legal matters in personal injury cases, providing our clients with invaluable legal advice over the years.

Our second director is the experienced Even Debenham who is also a Chartered Legal Executive. Having practised law for over 20 years, she joined our firm Andrew and Andrew  in 2008 and is now the head of the department which deals with all issues pertaining to family law.

In addition to our experienced directors we have a team of solicitors, associate legal executives, graduate legal executives, legal assistants and trainee legal executives who all assist in providing a professional and supportive high quality service. This means that with the varied experience within our team we are able to ensure that our clients are given the best legal advice to support them with their circumstances.

The types of matters we deal with

At Andrew and Andrew, we deal with matters pertaining to numerous aspects of the law including wills and probate, medical negligence and personal injury. We also guide our clients with the process of awarding ‘power of attorney’.

What do we mean by power of attorney?

There may be circumstances in the future when you may wish for another family member or loved one to be placed in charge of your affairs. If this is the case, there is a legal document known as ‘power of attorney’ which gives another individual the responsibility of dealing with your affairs. This person is known as a ‘donor’ who must be over the age of 18.

You have the option to appoint either one ‘attorney’ or in some cases more than one. If you decide to appoint more than one attorney you can also give them the option to act either ‘jointly’ or ‘jointly and severally’ if you decided for your attorneys to act jointly they will be required to always make decisions regarding your affairs together, whereas if you decide that they can act jointly and severally they can also make decisions individually.

Family solicitors in Emsworth

In other cases, where there is no power of attorney and a loved one is ill or has unfortunately passed away, the remaining family members will have to take charge of dealing with the deceased’s estate. Combined with dealing with the loss of a loved one, having to sort their affairs including properties and possessions can be overwhelming. Which is why at Andrew and Andrew we have experienced family solicitors in Emsworth who are able to provide you with a professional and supportive service making sure that all matters are dealt with as smoothly as possible.