Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful periods in a person’s life. We are here to give support through the countless legal matters that are involved when a couple decides to separate and divide up their marital possessions.

In addition to this, when children are involved, many questions are raised as to their well-being and welfare. Our family solicitors in Portsmouth take these considerations seriously and aim for amicable separations whenever possible.

We have found that when separating couples aim to work through their differences and settle amicably, every party benefits. These are stressful situations that can negatively impact not only the two parties involved, but their friends, family and any children who are present as well. Legal fees are reduced when an agreement is decided quickly and there is no need for additional resources to be used to ensure the integrity of the parties involved.

Family solicitors in Portsmouth will constantly work towards a solution that is beneficial for you. We are here to listen intently to your personal situation in order to ensure that the best outcome can be achieved. Many mothers are unsure of what they should do for the well-being of their children during this time and many fathers are unsure of their rights. We are here to advise and support you, to ensure that your focus can be where it is needed most.

What can we do for you?

It is not always about divorce and separation when it comes to family law. Family solicitors in Portsmouth also work to resolve international disputes, sensitive situations regarding children, financial arrangements, civil partnerships and prenuptial agreements before marriage. We are positive, professional and proactive, meaning that we can help you to work through any of these legal concerns quickly and move on with your life again.

We deal with every family case using a personalised approach. With over sixty years of experience, we have a solid reputation in being able to handle sensitive cases, constructing cost-effective solutions that allow disputes to be resolved in the best possible way. Our interests in particular are to prioritise the needs of any children involved in these situations, which is something we have found most families will agree should be done.

Our experience enables us to cater for a wide range of different clients such as young families, young couples looking to marry, those with previous marriages, people with high worth assets and families that wish to relocate or who reside abroad.

Whatever the situation you are in, expect to be treated with the utmost respect in a sympathetic yet professional manner, allowing you to feel comfortable and secure in our experienced hands. We work closely together to understand the situation, so that we can offer you tailor-made, appropriate advice and support.

You will be guided through the process every step of the way so that you can feel confident about where you stand and how best to proceed. We believe in an honest and open approach, so we welcome you to contact us when you have any concerns or questions so that we can quickly address them for your peace of mind.