During the time of grieving when you lose a beloved member of the family, the last things you want to be bothered with are legal and financial matters dealing with winding up their estate. Wouldn’t it be better to leave issues with capital gains tax to the professionals whose job it is to figure these things out?

At Andrew & Andrew we have a dedicated, very experienced team of legal practitioners specialising in the fields of probate, wills and estate planning. When it comes to the property, possessions and money matters of the deceased, our probate solicitor Emsworth is best suited to oversee and fulfil the legal implications and financial responsibilities involved, including all the different types of tax that are applicable.

In choosing a suitably qualified and experienced probate solicitor Emsworth, you benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable professional, whose committed efforts work towards streamlining a process that is well-known for being long-drawn-out. In fact we don’t advise anyone to undertake these responsibilities themselves if they don’t have the luxury of time and energy to devote to it. It is not unusual for the procedures involved in estate administration to take up to a year or even longer.

Saving time is not the only benefit of leaving probate and the overseeing of estate administration to the professionals, here are a few more enticing reasons to consider.

Why hire a specialist probate solicitor Emsworth?

Specialist expertise

Handing over the management of estates to a probate legal team with the required experience ensures you receive a high level of quality service. There is no time lost in having to correct costly mistakes and you are more likely to receive a personalised service.

Reliable execution

Like many other legal matters, probate and estate administration is overseen by regulations that direct the execution of a myriad of tasks and responsibilities. It is of the utmost importance that these responsibilities are carried out in a correct and timely manner to be legally valid. A specialist solicitor experienced in probate matters will know the ins and out of this process well.

Professionals remain objective

It is in the nature of estate administration for there to be a fair amount of emotion involved among family members and often heated arguments can flare up relatively quickly. A professional probate administrator can, with their objectivity and unbiased perspective, keep a lid on tempers and tantrums, and avoid potential conflicts from spiralling out of control. In such situations, the clear head of rational thinking is invaluable.

Take care of complex situations

While it is possible for someone with no experience to take on the role of executor when the estate of the deceased is simple and straightforward, this is not possible if the estate is a complex one. If the deceased owned property abroad, or has beneficiaries under the age of 18, if the terms of the will are unclear or if some family members are contesting it, it is in your best interests to rely on a professional service.

Make Andrew & Andrew your preferred choice for specialist legal assistance when it comes to administering a deceased’s estate and personal affairs, help in setting up trusts or resolving disputes should a will be contested.