Andrew & Andrew is named after two solicitors, Andrew Wisniewski and Andrew Sears who began the practice as a result of their passion and dedication to offering legal counsel to clients. Now over 70 years later, we are continuing with their dream and continue to offer advice and support to both new and existing clients. If you find yourself looking for solicitors PortsmouthAndrew & Andrew is here to assist.

Our practice has a highly skilled team of professional solicitors Portsmouth dedicated to offering high-quality service across a variety of legal matters.

What you can expect with having legal counsel from Andrew & Andrew

First and foremost, a professional relationship with our clients is important to us, and our solicitors Portsmouth are happy to be available to clients for any queries and support. We will act as your legal representative and hope to form a mutually respectful and professional relationship where you can rely on us for legal advice, guidance, and recommendations. We understand that each case is unique, and so are our clients, and we will strive to create a bespoke approach to each case so that you can receive the best possible outcome.

Here at Andrew & Andrew, we have local knowledge of the area

When it comes to looking for conveyancing solicitors, having in-depth knowledge about your local area is highly beneficial. Our team has knowledge of the surrounding businesses and housing in the area, which will prove to be rewarding to you as a client.

5-star reviews from clients

We are delighted to be able to share with you some of the glowing recommendations and reviews we have received from the clients we have worked with in the past. In today’s technology-focused world, it’s often the first point of call to research a company and review its client recommendations. We are proud that our team has produced remarkable results and earned the respect of their clients for their hard work and efforts.

We are available for advice and support during your case

Here at Andrew & Andrew, we understand that some cases may require sensitivity and added guidance. We offer our clients legal counsel as well as support and guidance so that you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing you have our support every step of the way. Our solicitors will keep you informed about your case and reach out with regular progress updates and feedback so that you can feel up to date with the case as it happens.

We offer clients total transparency when it comes to fees

We understand that in some cases, the legal fees may begin to increase over time, and we are sensitive to this aspect when it comes to our clients. For this reason, we offer clients complete transparency when it comes to the fees of our legal representation.

Are you looking to enlist the help of a lawyer for your criminal case? Are you required to attend a trial and would like to have legal representation when you appear in the Magistrates’ Court? Are you hoping to draw up a living will with the help of a probate solicitor? Our team at Andrew & Andrew can assist with all these legal matters and more. Simply reach out to us to see how we can be of legal assistance to you, and we would be happy to help.