Putting the affairs of one’s loved ones who have passed on in order is a mammoth task that is best left to the hands of professionals whose job it is to take care of all the responsibilities and legalities involved.

The law form of Andrew & Andrew specialises in the legal fields of Probate, Wills and Estate Planning and our highly competent and experienced team can assist with issues involving addressing inheritance tax matters, organising co-ownership of property and assisting with setting up trusts.

After the loss of a loved one, the last thing you would want to do is spend precious time dealing with mundane legal formalities. It is the job of our specialist Probate Solicitor Emsworth to manage these matters on your behalf, leaving you time to mourn the departed and support your family.

Some individuals who have the required knowledge of Probate and overseeing Estate administration may be able to navigate their way through the maze of legal formalities with little trouble, but this is not the most reliable option for many. Here are some good reasons why it is best to leave Estate administration matters to the professionals.

Reasons why hiring a Probate Solicitor Emsworth makes good sense

Reliable legal assistance

The legal and financial processes involved in Probate such as taxation can be tricky and time-consuming to oversee. An experienced Probate Solicitor Emsworth will be familiar with the ins and out of Estate administration and will be able to deftly deal with any complex issues that may arise.

Adherence to strict professional codes

The area of Probate is a well-regulated field which means a practising professional is bound by strict ethical codes of conduct.

Professional mediation

When Wills are contested, this can pave the way for unpleasant confrontation between members of a family. Professional mediation can be particularly beneficial to resolve disputes and avoid heated arguments.

Oversee complex estate administration cases

Not all Estates are cut and dried cases and securing professional legal help in such cases is the only intelligent way forward. Estate administration can become complicated when the deceased has left property in a trust, owned land in foreign parts or who owned a business.

When deciding between going the do-it-yourself route and relying on a professional Probate practitioner, it would be worth your time to consider the following:

Legal jargon (are you familiar with all the terms, conditions and processes tied to Probate?)

Time (do you have the required time it takes to oversee the administration of an Estate that can take up to a year to wind up?)

Legal responsibilities (are you prepared to take on all legal responsibilities involved yourself?)

Resolving disputes (how you handle disputes among family members should a Will be contested?)

Are you thinking of making a will or do you need reliable assistance in administering a deceased’s estate and personal affairs? Our well-experienced law practitioners at Andrew & Andrew can help. We have spent an impressively long time offering clients comprehensive and tailored professional services related to Probate, Wills and Estate Planning.