Buying a house can be a stressful situation despite all the excitement of being the owner of a new home. This is especially true for those who are buying their first houses. If you are a first-time buyer then you need to know more about conveyancing. Conveyancing is the process through which a property is legally transferred from one owner to another. This can be carried out independently, however, it is a complex process which, by delegating to your conveyancing solicitors Emsworth, you can navigate without any unnecessary complications and delays.

Speak to us at Andrew & Andrew today. We are specialist conveyancing solicitors Emsworth and we can help reduce the risk of your deal falling through by making sure you have expert legal representation and advice from the early stages until the process is complete. We will take care of the legal paperwork for you. We will help you understand the process and keep you informed of what is happening at each stage. We will be able to estimate how long the transaction will take and if there will be any issues along the way. We will be responsible for looking after all your paperwork, making sure that it is filled in correctly and submitted in a timely manner so that there are no delays to the proceedings. If you have already seen the house of your choice or if you are thinking about looking for a house then you need to speak to us at our practice and ask to be put in touch with our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth today.

What happens once you have found a house you like?

Firstly your mortgage company will carry out a valuation and you may need a survey on the property to make sure that it is worth the value that you are paying. Our conveyancing solicitors Emsworth will work on drafting contracts and we will send you the property information which will tell you about the contents, fixtures and fittings for you to have a look through and make yourself aware of. Our conveyancing solicitors will carry out local searches through the council and find out further information from the seller’s solicitor regarding boundaries, planning permissions and any other issues which may be connected with your property of choice. Once all the searches are complete we can put forward a completion date and by now you should have a formal mortgage offer.

The next stage of the process is the exchange of contracts. This is when our conveyancing solicitors in Emsworth will give you the mortgage deed and deed of transfer to sign and these will be given to the seller’s solicitor. Your deposit will be transferred to the seller’s solicitor and our solicitors will give you a completion statement which will show everything that you need to pay upon completion. This includes the legal fees, the land registry and stamp duty. The last stage of the process is the completion. Our conveyancing solicitors are in charge of transferring the money to the seller’s solicitor and you will receive the final paperwork including the title deeds and transfer documents which means you are the new owner of your brand new home. Speak to us today to find out more.