Buying or selling a property can be a stress-filled nightmare at times. With so much paperwork to cover and things that can go wrong it can be a little overwhelming, so why not make the process a little smoother by bringing in professional legal help .

Here are a few ways in which our conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can help take off some of the strain when you’re buying or selling your home.

Arrange inspections of the site

First on our list of items our conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth can help with is by our team arranging for an inspection of the site by trained individuals and property surveyors. Giving the place a good once over allows you to protect yourself against disputes after the sale about any damage that didn’t exist prior to buying it, and ensures the place you are buying is safe to live in to begin with.

Buying a new property is quite a big investment, so make sure that it has been thoroughly checked, as the last thing you want is to waste all your money on something you can’t live in.

Prepare correct documentation

Buying or selling a property can involve a lot of paperwork, especially if it’s a large building that also comes with a significant amount of land. Our solicitors can act on your behalf to collect the appropriate documents such as declarations of trust, deeds or relevant titles, joint ownership agreements and any other relevant pieces that you may need.

At Andrew & Andrew Solicitors our expert team will help you collect and deliver the appropriate documentation to allow for a smooth transition of ownership when you’re buying or selling property.

Allocation and collection of funds

Ensuring that any money or payments that are required as part of the property transaction are delivered on time can be one area where you can often run into difficulty. Bringing in outside legal counsel can allow us to chase of any relevant parties for payments due, whether that’s from a new buyer or if there’s a preset mortgage plan from a bank that’s continually being delayed or prolonged.

 Acquisition of lease extensions

In the event of the property requiring an additional or extension to the current lease for whatever reason, our legal team will be able to assist you. We manage this by acting on your behalf by taking a proactive approach where we would draft up and confirm a lease extension of your property if possible.

Settling of disputes

In the event that there are disputes once the ownership of the property has exchanged hands our team will be able to assess your case and help settle any claims made by either party about the building or land. Having legal representation during these arguments can help you avoid making any mistakes in court that could cost you money.

These are just a few examples of how our team can help you buy or sell your property. If you require further information about the conveyancing process or to schedule a consultation meeting with our team, just get in touch with our office or through our website.