After 50 years there have finally been changes in the laws surrounding divorce here in the UK. If you have reached a breaking point in your marriage or you have decided that your differences are irreconcilable then you need to speak to our specialist family solicitors Portsmouth here at Andrew and Andrew for impartial advice on how to best resolve your situation. Whether you have been married for many decades or you have been married for a year, divorce is more common than you may think. Here at our solicitors Portsmouth we have helped families deal with irreconcilable issues for the last 60 years and we will deal with your case in confidence with sensitivity and try to help ease the process for you and your loved ones.

Thanks to the changes that were implemented in April 2022 the process of divorce is now significantly easier and less confrontational than it has been for previous generations. However, we understand that it is still a massive decision to make and can affect the lives of many people who are involved with you and your family. It is particularly difficult for families with children and our solicitors Portsmouth will always make sure that your children’s  best interests are the main priority. Speak to us today to find out more about the new no-fault divorce.

How does the new no-fault divorce work?

The new laws introduced in April mean that there is now no need to expose or disclose the issues that you have had with your spouse. Previously there were certain conditions which your spouse must have met for you to be eligible for a divorce, such as adultery, now this has been replaced with a mutual agreement of irreconcilable differences. This means you can both part ways amicably, which is significantly beneficial for you, your family, (especially your children) and everyone else involved.

You can apply for a divorce online with a joint application or with a sole application. Once you have submitted the application the court will begin the divorce process. Then you have to wait for a period of 20 weeks to think about whether or not this is what you really want. Once your reflection period is over if you would still like to go ahead with the divorce then you apply for the conditional order. The court will review your application and if it is approved then you will receive a certificate of entitlement which will give you the date of your conditional order. This process takes another 6 weeks. The court will then grant your conditional order after which you wait another 6 weeks known as a cooling off period before you can apply for the final order. After 6 weeks you apply for the final order and within 24 hours you will be granted a final order which means you are officially divorced. The process takes a minimum of 30 weeks during which our solicitors Portsmouth will keep you updated and let you know where you are in the process. We will help you deal with any complex decisions, involving children, financial issues and joint ventures. Speak to our solicitors today to find out more.