Hospitals are places designed to make you feel better and healthy. However, sometimes that’s not what happens. While we put a lot of trust in doctors and nurses, sometimes things can go wrong, leading to health or other problems.

If you think that you have been the victim of misinformation or negligence by a medical professional when you visited accident and emergency at your local hospital, then you should consider filing an A&E negligence claim with the help of Andrew & Andrew solicitors in Portsmouth.

Failure to diagnose illness

Occasionally, a diagnosis by an A&E department may fail to spot a serious illness or underlying medical condition. In some cases, overworked doctors and nurses may miss an important aspect of a patient’s history, or not thoroughly assess their health. Sometimes test results are incorrectly interpreted. In rare cases, misdiagnosed patients are sent home when they should be receiving treatment.

From initial complications to treatment, there is potential for error in medicine. Of course, doctors will do their best to ensure that their patients receive the care they need; however, mistakes happen, even with the most experienced medical staff. In that case, you can file an A&E negligence claim under the guidance of Andrew & Andrew solicitors in Portsmouth.

How can we help?

Like any insufficient medical care, negligent treatment in A&E departments can cause serious health problems. The patient affected may be require further medical care. In rare cases, A&E misdiagnosis can lead to serious health problems or death. In these difficult circumstances, our solicitors in Portsmouth will advise you on how to claim compensation for your pain and suffering. A&E compensation claims are designed to recompense affected patients for the physical and/or financial effects of misdiagnosis or bad treatment. Andrew & Andrew solicitors in Portsmouth have successfully represented many clients who have had A&E problems. Moreover, if we decide to take your case, we are going to operate on a no win, no fee basis – meaning that there will be no financial risk for you.

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